Week Two – Instructional Software in the Classroom

After reading Lucy’s blog post about this week’s reading and her commentary, it was interesting to find out that there is interactive software that is being implemented on the younger generation. She mentions that during her practicum, she used a software called “Skwirk (see Figure 1)” (something which I have never heard before) which contains educational activities that would align with all KLAs in the NSW curriculum (see Figure 2) and would be used for an introductory lesson or a summary to what the students have learnt.

Skwirk logo
Figure 1: Skwirk logo.
Image taken from: http://www.skwirk.com.au/images/skwirk_v2_sliced_01.jpg

As I haven’t been exposed to this software before, I searched for the website and watched the video to learn more about Skwirk (actually pronounced ‘schoolwork‘, except said really fast). I was surprised to find out that it covers content from Years 1-10 and seeing the interactive games being played, it seemed like such a useful tool for the future!

Figure 2: Skwirk covers NSW Curriculum KLAs.
Image from: http://singlemum.com.au/product-reviews/images/skwirk1.jpg

In a attempt to find more information, I stumbled upon a teacher’s blog which allowed videos to explain what was “useful” about Skwirk. Here, I watched another video about Skwirk and was amazed at how interactive and engaging the animations, games and explanations were. I have attached the said video below.

(Video from: Skwirkonline: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzuV3jdbGNQ&feature=player_embedded#!)

From the videos I have watched, I think that Skwirk is a colourful program which aids visual learners from understanding the content in KLAs from the curriculum. It is interactive, engaging and educational. I would want to use this in the classroom!


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