Week Three – Creative Commons

During class, we talked about Creative Commons and how we can only use certain files for sharing purposes. It is a license where it allows the public to reuse their work without payment of usage, but still maintain the copyright. There are 4 license terms that frequent the Creative Commons licenses, and they are (click here for original page):

CC Attribution (BY) CC Noncommercial (NC) CC No Derivative Works (ND) CC Share Alike (SA)


No Derivative Works
Share Alike
This applies to every Creative Commons work. Whenever a work is copied or redistributed under a Creative Commons licence, the original creator (and any other nominated parties) must be credited and the source linked to. Lets others copy, distribute, display and perform the work for noncommercial purposes only. Lets others distribute, display and perform only verbatim copies of the work. They may not adapt or change the work in any way. Allows others to remix, adapt and build on the work, but only if they distribute the derivative works under the same the licence terms that govern the original work.
There are 6 different types of licenses in total and they can be easily described in this table (Figure 1).
Types of Creative Commons licenses
Figure 1: 6 types of Creative Commons licences at a glance.
Original image from: http://i3.squidoocdn.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/draft_lens2258752module12312046photo_1225072431squidoo-flickr-creative-commons-types-of-licenses.gif

We used the website to find music, images etc, to prepare for our first assignment using Garageband. Overall, it was an interesting experience as we searched websites to find files that we could reuse without breaking the copyright.

I know that Creative Commons is hard to understand, so I remember my friend putting up a much more simpler version of what Creative Commons does. This is a Pokemon-themed video (which makes it interesting) and focuses on the licences used on images on the internet (in particular, Mickey Mouse). Feel free to watch as it helped me understand a bit more about what copyright does and how easily files can be copied, but not fairly.

(Video from: slightlydaveTV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYcaxm8IugI&list=UUc4jrFa1wMmHSNuii3QH8eQ&index=1&feature=plcp)


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