Week Six – Digital Divide

In Kye-Ling’s blog, she mentions about the digital divide between developed and developing countries. She clearly mentions her reflections when the access of technology is not readily available for all. She says:

Living in a place where we are inundated by technology, it is easily taken for granted and thus this becomes a harm to us rather than a benefit as we tend to misuse it. Places where it is lacking resources, where students do not have easy access to technology, would appreciate it’s presence and make the most out of it and thus technology to them is a benefit. We should be more aware of such division and since we have sufficient resources it is possible for us to make a difference and bridge this gap.

I agree with her. Not only are we taking advantage of the accessibility of technology by using it for our personal benefit than for helping others, we are not even contributing (in any way) to expand the heaven-sent tool that we have been graced by. Countries, towns, suburbs, communities that don’t have this would understand and appreciate the importance of this amazing network that would benefit them. By attempting to close the gap, we must find people that will understand this goal and help out those that are less fortunate. As we have an abundance of resources, sharing is something that we have to consider for the future.


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