Week Nine – Horizon Report

During this week, we had to read the Horizon Report (2011). It was about incoming technologies that were beneficial for the classroom, like e-books and mobile devices. Romi and Michael posed these questions from the reading:

1. What are some possible advantages of incorporating new technologies into primary education?

Technologies these days have multiple functions available in one device.


  • BYOD (Bring your own device): Students can bring their own devices to school to make it easier for the school.
  • Accessible: Many devices are now able to use certain applications and the internet.
  • Portable: Devices are now made at a smaller size and lighter, therefore much easier to move around.

However, with advantages, there is a major disadvantage:

  • Funding the wireless network: The school would have to have the funds to support the wireless network that would provide an internet connection to devices.

2. When looking to incorporate new technologies into the primary classroom, what are some constraints and challenges that may be encountered?

 Some constraints or challenges that may be encountered are:

  • Time to teach how to use software: When students are exposed to a new software which they have never used before, this will take time for them to learn to use it. If it is newly released, the teacher would have to learn how to use this as well.
  • Learning analytics: This will allow teachers to check where students have used the time on the computer and then plan your teaching around their time used on it. 

3. Do you believe that technology is enhancing education for students or disadvantaging them, as they can now access answers too easily?

 At the current moment, students might be understanding the content online better than in reality. It will all depend on how they are using the content online. With primary students, most would want to find an easier way of learning a concept, find answers for homework or game online. This might be different for high school students, as they would use it more for educational purposes to excel in high school. There are an unlimited amount of advantages and disadvantages for the use of technology for students.


Reference: Johnson, L., Smith, R., Willis, H., Levine, A., and Haywood, K., (2011). The 2011 Horizon Report. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.


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