Week Nine – Online Gaming

In class, Carmel mentioned that there was an increase of online gaming from the age of 5 and started to decline from the age of 12 (see Figure 1). I just assumed students were playing and not learning anything from the online games.

Figure 1: Main Uses of Internet at Home
Accessed from the Week Nine ppt – slide 5.

HOWEVER, upon taking Carmel’s advice and reading Matthew Kearney’s blog, I found one particular post which I thought was truly amazing.

In his “Learning in their hands” blog, he wrote about two other teachers whom were online gamers and the evidence of children’s deep learning through games. Then proceeded to link this video:

Video can be accessed here: http://youtu.be/ru6Rfd3KQeY

Prior to watching this video, I never really analysed what part of online gaming would seem to be educational for children or students. I have personally been involved in a variety of online games and never thought thoroughly enough about the concepts of the games. After watching this video, I feel as if I have been enlightened and games are a great way to learn about the key learning areas of teaching. Not only does it focus on learning areas, it also allows the students to gather more interpersonal skills via communication. Last but not least, it’s all about the FUN! I completely agreed with the video and thought back to the games I have previously played. Many elements that were shown in the video were similar to what I had experienced. I am so glad to have stumbled upon this video and how it has enlightened me about the perks of online gaming. 


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