Week Ten – Technology savvy generation

During the tutorial, we watched a TED Talks video where 12 year old, Thomas Suarez presented about his experience with creating and programming applications for the iPad/iPhone/iTouch. 

Video accessible at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehDAP1OQ9Zw

It was interesting to see that the younger generation in this day and age are much more interested in programming, creating and playing games on the wide variety of mediums available. By searching for ways to learn how to create these tools, he taught himself the basics of programming and created his very first application. He convinced his parents to allow him to upload these applications into the Apple applications store and is now available worldwide.

Although, it was interesting to see that a 12 year old had programmed these devices, I was not surprised at the drive and motivation for him to create these applications. The younger generation have been given the access to information that was not necessarily available when I was his age. They are utilising this information to further their skills in what attracts their interest. I commend him because he has motivated other students by his “App club” that he founded at his own school and is currently supporting the idea of using iPads in the classroom by helping out with the iPad Pilot Program that he mentions in the video. I do believe that technology could enhance dynamics within the classroom.


One thought on “Week Ten – Technology savvy generation

  1. I feel like this kid is a naturally outgoing child and doesn’t exactly represent a generation; how many 12 year olds do you know that could competently lead a conference? I also don’t like the idea of ipad being integrated schools, especially primary age. As useful as they are, they are a giant expense that I’m sure many parents couldn’t afford and even if they are supplemented/subsidised by the government this would only serve to increase the welfare gap between advantaged and disadvantaged kids. If the government has enough to spend on the privileged, why not spend more to expand regional school facilities and improving impoverished areas. Don’t get me wrong, I love my apps and technology (<3) however there is a time and place for everything, and I feel kids should learn to read and write on paper. How are they ever going to earn their pen license if it's always a digital keyboard and learn to spell when it's spell checked!

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