First day on practicum.

Today was the first day of my practicum over ten days. Upon seeing the classroom, the teacher informed me that the interactive whiteboard was not currently working because the computer that it was plugged into had problems and she was waiting for the IT person to take a look.

I have realised that technology does have a downside, and this is it. Nonetheless, I tried fixing it by attempting to plug this into a laptop instead, but the screws had been tightened to the point where I couldn’t remove the monitor extension from the desktop to the laptop. I have no idea how I am going to do my practicum without an interactive whiteboard because this is the main objective of going on practicum this semester. I won’t have access to something I can visually represent to the entire class. On that note, there is only a small whiteboard in the classroom because every classroom in the entire school has an interactive whiteboard.

First day and I am already confused on what to do on practicum. I can’t wait till they get it fixed because I really want to work with the interactive whiteboard.


3 thoughts on “First day on practicum.

  1. Hi Shirley

    How disappointing that you have an IWB but can’t use it. Do you think that you will get a chance to use it before your prac ends?

    1. Hi Anna!

      I have been talking to my teacher about it and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get fixed before next week. We did ask for the IT person to come in today but he must have forgotten to have a look!

      We do have one computer lesson on Tuesdays, but it’s only half an hour long. I’m going to have trouble fulfilling the technology requirement when there is nothing I can work with in the classroom.

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