Second day of practicum.

Second day at the school and the interactive whiteboard may not get fixed at all this week. This is going to highly impact on how I will be teaching in the classroom and how my report will turn out because there will be little to almost no use of technology other than the time that we get on computers (about half an hour a week on Tuesdays).

On another note, I found out that some students are competent with technology. Some can produce PowerPoints while others cannot, so that will be one of two lessons I will provide on PowerPoint next Tuesday. My teacher has also set-up a class blog. Although I don’t know the website for it (because we haven’t had access to a computer), she tells me that she has to approve comments so there is a filter there. Students can post and comment on other posts, but regardless, my co-operating teacher will filter out responses to make sure that this power to comment is not abused.


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