Long time no see!

Upon finding out that I have passed all my subjects required to quest on my one year exchange in Japan, I have decided to restart up this blog and just throw out ideas or thoughts that pass by in this crazy mind of mine. Speaking of which, I recently got accepted and attended a program, JENESYS 2.0. You may or may not have heard about it. It is a program completely funded by the Japanese government where 13 ASEAN/Oceanian countries participated in learning more about the Japanese lifestyle and culture. The program took place from the 2nd of December to the 10th of December, and I must say, it’ll be the experience of a lifetime which I will never forget!

First of all, what is JENESYS? JENESYS is a program created by the Prime Minister of Japan, Abe Shinzo. During this program, we were to prepare a national dance and then learn a Japanese song whilst on the trip as we were separated into multi-national groups and traveled to smaller prefectures within Japan. The whole idea of this trip was to create everlasting friendships with people from various countries and to promote Japan to everyone we knew. As a participant of the Australian delegation, I was proud to be representing my country.

I have learnt so much on this trip, but I can’t expel it all into one blog! There is much more to tell in the next blog! So, until then!


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