Two weeks to go… Are you ready?

THEN. For the thousands in attendance, for the millions watching back home… and for my parents, cause of course, they’re heaps worried for me. LLLLLLLLLLLETS GET READY TO SUCK IT!”

Apologies. I couldn’t help myself but to mention Degeneration X’s catchphrase after “are you ready?” On another note, I can’t believe it. Two weeks to go and I’ll be in Japan-land (well, not really, I’ll be in the air). If anyone has any tips on how to survive 24 hours in-transit, I’d appreciate the thoughts and you guys would be life savers!

With only 14 days left until I leave the home country for a longer period than 2 weeks, I am actually not that excited. In saying that, I think I will receive a massive culture shock when I am in Japan… something I can’t wait to look out for! I’m looking forward to a different environment, but I’m pretty sure I’ll miss my lovely family and friends heaps.

On another random note, I went to go get my Visa sorted today…

It’s not hard to do at all, except for the fact that with these kind of forms, you can’t just leave some sections blank… you need to fill in EVERY SINGLE SPACE. I got so confused with a few questions like ID number or something, but don’t worry, the staff are there to help you! After arriving to the Japanese Consulate at 12:15ish, I sorted everything they needed to do by 12:23, but they said we had to come back at 2:00pm because they were closed from 12:30-2:00pm for “security purposes”. C’mon guys, if it’s just a lunch break, at least be honest with us.

By the time I came back to do my Visa application, I realised it only took like 5 minutes. They took your documents for like 3 minutes and then gave back a ticket to redeem your passport when you had to return. So, I pretty much wasted about 2 hours on it. Waiting from 12:30-2:00pm and then finally getting it all sorted by 2:30pm.

Despite having to spend so much time on that when I could’ve been meeting up with friends and spending time harassing them with questions about ICS last year, I’m glad it’s all sorted! I just hope that I don’t lose that piece of paper to retrieve my passport, because that would be incredibly disastrous. Nonetheless, I’m excited to get my Visa and see my black and white mug shot! I’ll fill in this blog with more information as I think of more things to write about… sorry I’m so noob.

Until next time!


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