Almost there.

I’ve got a ticket for the long way ’round

The one with the prettiest of views

It’s got mountains, it’s got rivers

It’s got sights to give you shivers

But it sure would look prettier with you…

In approximately 48 hours or less, I’ll be on a plane to a land where adventures lie and fun is yet to be had. I can’t wait for this crazy adventure for a lifetime – of lows, of highs, of crazy times; I’m in for the time of my life.

Lesbionest. It has been a really long time since my first few friends left for their ICS exchange. It has been a really, really long wait. First it was Montreal kids (all them Canada kids on the 1st of January), then the European kids (shoutout to Kay – hope you’re enjoying Switzerland) and the people before us, the ICS China kids. Finally. Our time is now.

In this moment, I can say that I’m not feeling like I’m about to leave. I just have a good feeling that I’ll be missing family and friends when I’m in Japan and starting to settle into a new environment. I’m pretty sure culture shock will hit me hard and homesickness will follow with it. So I’m just gonna holla if you hear me now… care packages are welcome!

Last of all, there are probably a lot of song references or lyrics in this blog post. It probably is really awkward to read. Do not be alarmed, they were all intentional! Hanging out with the UTS Glee Club people (*shameless plug – you can join via ActivateUTS*) has been amazing and I honestly don’t want to think about being away from them for a year, but I KNOW that they will be fine with a lovely new bunch of kiddies joining this semester. So, don’t worry – I’ll make good choices and I won’t be reckless. I’ll come back in one piece and I’ll miss you all so dearly. And all I said is true, I can feel the love… can you feel it too?

…Until Japan (maybe)!


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