Hello Japan!

Hello everybody!

This is just a general blog post to say that I’ve landed safely in Japan and I’m settling into my Hakodate home! It’s very cold in Hakodate, and you can still see snow sitting in the side of the road (looking pretty disgusting, but still). The people here are very nice and polite and although they can’t understand me, I’m hoping we can still communicate somehow! There are very few exchange students here (less than 10) and it’s good because we’re always practising our Japanese on one another. I’m still getting to know the place and it seems like everyone is keen to get a bike! A lot of the places around here are accessible via bicycle because it’s quite a walk from one convenient store (conbini) to the next or from the supermarket to our places at the moment. I can imagine much cycling times but I haven’t ridden a bike in a few years and not sure if I’d be used to it!

In interesting news, I was actually freaked out yesterday because there was a tsunami warning issued. We heard the tsunami alarm go off in the distance and was still not sure what to do (we hadn’t been briefed on anything)! We had to go the city hall yesterday to get ourselves registered as a resident – so that was a nice way of seeing around the city!

The city itself is a mix of urban-ish and the country side. You get the best of both worlds. Being surrounded by mountains and the seaside, you get a bit of everything! I can’t wait to travel everywhere within the city, but also to find out more about the outside world (all over Japan). The system of roads and names of places/buildings is still confusing to me, but I’m sure I’ll make sense of it in no time at all!

Last but not least, care packages are always welcome and I think I can give you the right address… just ask me! 😛

Lots of love from this freezing place, but at least my fingers haven’t fallen off yet! Photos will come soon! x


2 thoughts on “Hello Japan!

    1. I miss you guys too! I’ll be sure to write many blogs and hopefully make you proud/do it justice!
      So many adventures and new experiences in Japan! ❤
      Sending lots of love back from Japan~ 😀

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