Hakodate, you beauty.

Two weeks. Dayum, has it only been that long?

I have spent the past two weeks here in Hakodate, my new home. Since arriving, I’ve been to a few tourist hotspots and checked out some of the amazing places that can only be found in Hokkaido or just Hakodate! The place is very nice with lots of natural scenery and general coolness, as I would have previously mentioned. Here’s a few places I’ve had the chance to visit or frequent dependent on the need of it.

First things first, fast food. How can you go to another country and not find a Maccas, KFC, Hungry Jacks or whatnot? It’s impossible! From what I’ve learnt from the locals, Lucky Pierrot is the fast food joint around here!

Lucky Pierrot logo.
Lucky Pierrot logo.

This is only available in Hakodate, and I feel very privileged to experience it. The menu has lots of different options for all people, for example: burgers to curries and shakes to general drinks, like Coke.

Tonkatsu Burger.
Delicious Tonkatsu Burger from Lucky Pierrot.

I’ll fill you guys in on more information when I get around to going to another one again. Apparently, each store has its own unique menu – it’ll be something to find at every store!

Lucky Pierrot
After a long walk at Akarenga.

The store itself takes a very interesting shape and feel. Lucky Pierrot gives off a carnival/circus vibe, with lots of clowns around and a vintage atmosphere.

Lucky Pierrot interior.

They love their forest green and the first Lucky Pierrot I visited had swings for chairs! It totally sounds awesome and dangerous at the same time – and no, I didn’t try it out because I didn’t want to tear the place down, literally. As a side note – unfortunately for all you Maccas people, there’s probably only one in the entire vicinity!

For people who could care less about food (loljks) and more about scenery, Hakodate has a mountain right next to town and it’s accessible via ropeway or you can hike to the top of the mountain and receive some glamourous views. If you’re anything like I am (a.k.a. incredibly unfit), the ropeway is probably the better option – but hey, hiking would be lovely for another day.

Hakodate Ropeway ticket.
Ticket to the top of Mount Hakodate!

The views from the top of Mount Hakodate are breathtakingly beautiful and when you go at sunset, the view that you get just keeps getting better. Mount Hakodate looks more amazing at night than it does during the day – and here are some photos to prove it!

View from Mount Hakodate.
The view from Mount Hakodate, just before the sunset.
Night view from Mount Hakodate.
The view from Mount Hakodate, after sunset.
Sunset from the other side.
What a lovely sunset. Thank you, Hakodate.

That’s all I’m going to upload for now, but there are plenty of adventures out there I have yet to post. Until the next time! I’ll probably write about something that has to do with school, but that can wait for another time. Also, I might post out something to do with the New Colombo Plan – for those of you who are keen to go on exchange to Japan from UTS, stay tuned! More information will be given out; otherwise, just do some research for yourself before you decide that you want to go overseas! It will save you so much!

A final thank you note to my family for coming to visit me so early on. You guys are my rock, you guys are my support and I have no idea where I’d be without you. To my friends who are giving me words of encouragement every day, thank you. You all make me feel like I’m not missing out on much at home, but I’m glad that you’re still integrated into my life overseas. I love you all, so much.

This is all for now, so until next time! 😀

P.S. If there are any grammatical errors or spelling errors, please forgive me. It’s 3:16 (SCS AUSTIN) in the morning and I really should be knocked out in bed. Zzz…


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