Cravings satisfied.

Mmm, I’ve been wanting this for the longest time now. It was just so good, I want more. Once a week… is that even enough? I need more. Gimme, gimme more.

Wondering what I’m going on about? It’s obviously about finding decent food (that isn’t Japanese) in Hakodate. いらっしゃいませ! Welcome to my attempt at a food post, where it’ll be pretty much the pictures speaking for themselves. First off, I wanted to apologise for not writing anything in the past month or however long it has been since the last post. I don’t mean to not write anything. I’ve just been travelling outside of Hakodate and getting involved in events and whatnot.

Quick update on me: I’ve been struggling with crazy insomnia recently, sleeping at 5am nightly. It has been ridiculous, but my sleeping schedule got ruined a while ago and I can’t seem to get it back to normal because I’m just naturally awake at that time now. I’ll try to fix my body clock, but I highly doubt that I’ll be able to change it soon. Everything has been great. I finished my last Japanese koto class on Tuesday and I am legitimately sad. I will be considering one-on-one classes next semester though! It has been a delightful experience and I would thank my koto teacher for that. She has been such a joy and having never taken music classes to learn a particular instrument prior to this, it was amazing to partake in. Thank you for everything. I will be back.

And now, for the main part of this blog! I was going to write a very short review on a restaurant (チェーズ/Asian Dinning [yes, they spelt ‘dining’ wrong]) that I seem to keep going back to. It has amazing food from various parts of Asia and I always am excited to head back. I’ve been there so often with some of my best friends here that we have become their regulars! It’s crazy how that happens! But enough of me rambling about food, here are a few pictures of the food that we’ve eaten. Unfortunately, I don’t have the specific names of what dishes they have prepared, but I’m sure the pictures speak for themselves. And of course, we all eat with our eyes before we devour them whole…

Appetiser: Prawns on avocado with sweet chilli sauce.
Appetiser: Saigon Chijimi.
Main: Nasi Goreng.
Main: Mi Goreng.
Main: Seafood combination.
Appetiser: Spring Rolls.
Main: Thai Green Curry with rice.
Appetiser: Rice paper rolls.

These dishes were all so amazing after the first time that I had to keep coming back for more. There were a variety of dishes available from different countries with cuisine from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea with some fusions in between. Thank you to the Myanmar boss for always recognising us and taking the time to chat with us all the time whenever we go. You’re the best! This was the first trip of many, but there will be more photos uploaded when I find more awesome places around Hakodate! For now, this is all.

Until next blog post… hopefully, it’ll be soon! 🙂


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